BookingPal – Global vacation rental booking platform

BookingPal is a cloud based travel technology company, providing a global distribution system and a centralized booking platform for vacation rental properties. Vacation rental property owners/managers can increase their online presence and number of bookings by distributing their inventory via BookingPal’s global distribution channels. Vacation rental properties, timeshare resorts, campgrounds and RV parks worldwide can …read in detail

Bix – Backup your data – is an automatic backup & file sharing cloud based software company. Sync, back up, share and access your files and folders from multiple places on your PC, Mac and your mobile devices. If your laptop breaks down or your phone goes for a swim, no matter what happens your files are safe with Bix. …read in detail

aquantia – developing physical layer IC’s

Aquantia’s distinctive and patented architecture has led the 10GBASE-T industry on all the metrics, from power consumption to density and performance. But its greatest claim to fame has been to deliver the world’s 1st and only 10GBASE-T LAN-on-Motherboard solution that is unleashing the move to 10Gigabit Ethernet in Cloud Computing and large-scale Data Centers. For …read in detail

altitude – contact centre software solutions

Altitude Software: delivers worldwide a robust, modular solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all channels throughout the organization in an open, platform-independent solution, based on standards. Altitude uCI (unified customer interaction) is a software suite that manages in real time enterprise functions like Customer Service, Help Desk, Collections, Telesales, Surveys, etc. It is unique …read in detail

aisle50 – The best way to save on your groceries

aisle50: honed its solution at Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator, the most elite start-up accelerator in the world. Aisle50 has drawn venture capital funding from several sources, including Silicon Valley’s August Capital, Chicago’s New World Ventures, Y Combinator, Ron Conway and Yuri Milner. How does Aisle50 work? Pre-pay on Then go to the store, grab the …read in detail

aisle411 – Leading In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform

aisle411 : Founded in April of 2008 and based in St. Louis, MO, Aisle411 is a trusted indoor location services platform for major global leading retailers. For shoppers, Aisle411 makes shopping in-stores easier, allowing them to map products, offers and lists by aisle location, as well as discover unique information based on a shopper’s in-store location. …read in detail

activescaler – Infrastructure for real time applications

ActiveScaler: is building software that accelerates next generation web, IoT (the Internet of Things), and mobile-first applications, all of which are increasingly demanding actionable intelligence in real-time. Revenue generating opportunities using location-based services and/or data analytics is shifting businesses’ focus from “Motivate customers to act” to “Catching customers in the act”. The size and speed …read in detail

aarki – interactive and creative advertising technology

Aarki: offers a performance based distribution platform for developers challenged with acquiring engaged users and app discovery. Aarki is transforming mobile monetization with into the next level. Aarki offer the industry’s leading creative optimization and media buying platform for video and content-based mobile ads. With better creative, Aarki drives stronger performance for mobile buyers and sellers …read in detail